Spectrum Last Channel Access

By Harold Noeller

As Spectrum pushes out changes or updates to our boxes, they are setting the ‘Default Channel’ to 1998 INFO where the lady is selling and promoting Spectrum.

To reset the Spectrum channel back to the last channel watched, do the following:

Near the top center of the controller is the OK/SEL button with four curved buttons around it. These will be the primary buttons to press in this procedure.

·         On the left side of the curved buttons, Press Settings button once

·         Pressing the right hand curved button, scroll over to the word Display so it is highlighted in Blue.

·         Use a curved button to either scroll up or down to highlight the words ‘Power on Channel’ and press the ‘OK/SEL’ button

·         Find ‘Last Channel’ and scroll to highlight it in Blue.

·         Press OK/SEL to place a white dot before the words.

·         Press the ‘Settings’ button again to Exit to the TV screen

·         Select a channel of choice.

When you power off the box and then power it on, the TV will come on to the Last Channel viewed.