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  P A R K  A N N O U N C E M E N T S 

January of each year there is an election of both the Co-operative and the Home Owners Association of the community to elect vacant seat Directors. The number is 3 one year and 4 the following year so the number is always an odd number of the 7 each year elected. The total number of directors then elect the 4 officers.
2019 Co-Op Officers/Directors

President .... Pat Humphries

Vice Pres  .... Keith Knowles

Secretary  .... Ron Anderson

Treasurer .... Janyce Cruse

Directors  .... Bill Vaughn

                   .... Mike Gervasi

                   .... Harold Noeller

2019 HOA  Officers/Directors

President …. Mary Ross

Vice Pres …. Peggie Toner

Secretary … Delores Wagner

Treasurer … Sandra Hall

Directors  …. Ruthie Charron

                   .... Renee Darcy

NEW POSTINGS     Postings Updated: 3/4/2018

  To All Paradise Island Residents

 All Paradise Island residents are welcome to attend the monthly Social Committee meetings.
2nd Tuesday of each month at 10:00 am at the club house.




OFFICE HOURS are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm. The office does not close for lunch.

ATTENTION: For the convenience of our residents, a rent drop box has been installed in the center of the driveway. This drop box is locked from the inside so be assured that your deposit will be safe.

We are accepting checks in the management office or we can establish an automatic debit account for you so that your monthly payment can be withdrawn from your account on the fifth (5th) of each month.  Also, you can transfer directly from your checking account.  If you would like to use either form of payment mentioned here, please contact the office for the proper forms. 

LATE FEES: An automatic $25 dollar late fee will apply on the sixth (6th) day of the month.
To All Residents:  As you are all aware after receiving the new Rules & Regulations effective January 1, 2009, maintenance and/or rent monies must be received in time to be posted by the 5th of the month.  If not posted by that date, an automatic $25 late fee will be applied IMMEDIATELY on the sixth of each month and must be included in your rent for that month.  There will be no exceptions to this rule.  Please see rule #3 under Definitions in your Rules and Regulations.

Nancy Perry, Property Manager



There have been many complaints about the speeding in the Community and the running of Stop signs.  Under the Rules and Regulations that you signed when you moved in states the following:  Speed limit for all vehicles is 15 miles an hour. The driveway is for parking cars not storage. Residents/guests must park on the same side of the street that their home is located facing the direction of the normal flow of traffic.  They must not block or create a hazard for oncoming traffic.  No trucks may exceed the three-quarter ton in capacity.  NO utility type trailers are allowed.  No repairing or overhauling of any type of motor vehicle anywhere in the Community.  Only people over the age of 18 may drive Golf Cars on the roads. 16-18 must have a valid permit or license and must have an adult in golf cart at all times.  We need your help to stop the violations, if you see someone doing any of the above please come to the office fill out the complaint form and make sure that you supply us with a lot number.



   Scheduling Clubhouse Facilities

are available for special functions, parties and picnics. If you wish to schedule the clubhouse and/or kitchen for any activity, please contact the Co-Op office @ 535-2172


Please verify any applicable fee’s when you schedule your event.


  Pavilion at the Clubhouse


The Pavilion at the Clubhouse is available for clubs and private gatherings. A $50.00 deposit check is required to be returned if the grills and pavilion are left neat and clean. Garbage must be bagged and left in waste cans for pickup by our maintenance crew. To reserve call Jim White at 953-3616




  Food Donations

All food donations will be given to Paradise Island residents in need of help. A basket has been provided at the club house, near the bulletin board for this purpose.

 Please do not leave any outdated items.

Thank you for your donations.

Call Ruthie Charron  at 559-2034
A member of the Paradise Island Church



CareFest Largo is a part of “CareFest USA.”  They have partnered with the City of Largo to define those in need, and to match volunteer groups to meet the specified needs of the elderly, disabled, and single parent families with items such as house painting, yard work, simple home repairs, building handicapped ramps and the like.

 Are you aware of anyone in the Paradise Island community who might benefit from this program? If you submit a name and phone number to Somebody Cares, they will send out a qualified evaluator to assess the need and its appropriateness for CareFest Largo 2009.  They will also answer any questions you may have by contacting either Gwen @ 727-479-8478 or Cindy @ 727-531-4807.

 Somebody Cares Tampa Bay

c/o Abundant Life Ministries

1550 S. Belcher Road

Largo, FL 33771





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