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  R E C U R R I N G   A C T I V I T I E S 


 Schedule Of Recurring Activities:          Postings Updated: 7/31/2020              Scroll Down for >POSTINGS<

 Sunday Activities:

9:30 am           Church Services begin. Also shown on Spectrum Channel 732

6 -10 pm          Women’s Cards



Monday Activities:

7:15 am                Men's Golf (October - March)
8:45 am                Water Aerobics

10 –11 am            Exercise Classes
1:00 pm                Shuffleboard
5:30 pm                Bridge
6:30 pm                Billiards
6:30 pm                Pinochle
6:45 pm                Darts October thru April

Tuesday Activities:

8:45 am           Aerobics

12:30 pm         Bridge Club

6:00 pm           Cards
6:15 pm           Bunko

9:00 am           Men's Club meeting
1st  Tuesday of each month

10:00 am -          Social Committee meeting

                          2nd Tuesday 


Wednesday Activities:

8:45 am        Water Aerobics
9:00 am        Horseshoe League
11:00 am      Church Choir Practice
10 -11 am     Exercise Classes
12:30 pm      Crafts, Bridge, Cards,
1:00 pm        Shuffleboard
6:00 pm        Women's Cards


Wednesday Activities Continued below:

(Continued)   Wednesday Activities:

Co-Op Meeting Schedule

7:00 pm           Co-Op Member Meeting
                         3rd  Wednesday if posted



(Continued)  Wednesday Activities:

HOA Regular Meeting Schedule

September through May

7:00 pm           HOA Member Meeting –
                         1st Wednesday of each month

Thursday Activities:

8:45 am        Aerobics
http://paradiseislandco-op.com/images/rtarrow.gif 9:00 am       Bible Study (Nov-Apr)
       Contact: Serena Johnson at 530-5905

10:10 am  Church Choir Practice

  (Nov – April)
12:30 pm       (Oct. thru Apr.)
4 -6 pm         Dinners served from 4 - 6 pm
5:45 pm        HOA Early Bird Sales

6:30 pm        Bingo begins


Friday Activities

8:45 am            Water Aerobics
10 - 11 am        Exercise Classes
1:00 pm            Shuffleboard “Nickel Games”
6 -10 pm           Men’s Cards
6:30 pm            Euchre

Saturday Activities

1:00 pm          Bocce Ball will resume November 1st
                           See activity.

8 -11 pm        Monthly Dance in season


  Bingo in the Park


Bingo and Kitchen are close due to Covid-19.


 POSTINGS:          as of:10/26/2021

Our Church In the Park

Non-Denominational Church which meets in the Clubhouse on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

We would love to have you join us for a Sunday morning service.

The Sunday service is also broadcast over cable channel 732 for those that cannot attend the services.  

If you have a need and/or would like a visit, communion, prayer or just some questions answered:
Please contact the Pastor Bill Ogburn @ 474-2722 or contact any Church Board Member.





Board Members  2021

President - Pastor Bill Ogburn

Vice-President - Jim Sayre

Treasurer - Linda LaFlamme

Secretary/Associate Pastor = Serena Johnson


Anne Carpenter

Kay Harrison

Sharon Kennedy

John Salmon



Church In The Park Outreach


BIBLE STUDY/PRAYER - Thursdays at 9:30 AM in the Clubhouse - Pastor Bill Ogburn  474-2722

BULLETIN - Mary Fox, (716) 378-4294

COMMUNION - Joanne Sauers -- 864-2950


Greeting Cards - Grace McAllister, (727) 535-6016

New People Contact -  Pat Murphy,  (203) 605-2681

Prayer Bears - Pat Murphy, (203) 605-2681


Our Church In the Park

Have a November filled with blessings!

     This is a busy month.  First, we need to remember that Daylight Savings Time ends on the 7th.  So do not forget to set your clocks back on Saturday night the 6th.  Spring ahead..Fall back.

     We celebrate Veteran's Day on the 11th.  We are very thankful for all the veterans who served and gave their lives for our freedom, as well as those who are currently serving.

     Then on the 25th, we celebrate Thanksgiving as we became united as the Pilgrims and Native Indians shared a meal together.  God was very much a part of forming our beginnings as a nation.  God has truly blessed us and we are very thankful for all He has given us to share.

      For all those who celebrate Chanukah on the 29th, we wish you  a Happy Chanukah!  Be blessed!

     We are happy to announce the Bible Study on Thursdays in the Clubhouse at 9:30 AM led by Pastor Bill Ogburn, is going great.  We are studying the book of Job.  Always room for more,. All are welcome, come join us.  We are now broadcasting the Bible Study on Spectrum channel 732 on Thursday mornings from 9:30 am to 10:30 am.

     If you know of someone in the Paradise Island Park that needs prayer and could benefit from a prayer bear, please contact Pat Murphy by email: pamurphy51@gmail.com , with pertinent information.


    If you know of someone in the Park that has a need, please let us know. All requests are confidential. We would like to help if we can. Please call one of the numbers below and we will look into what we can do to help.
     If you have a prayer request or would like a visit, please contact:      Pastor Bill Ogburn (727) 474-2722 or

Serena Johnson (727) 530-5905.  If no answer please leave your name and number and we will get back to you ASAP.  WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!




















Dart League


The dart league was suspended in November due to COVID.   We will resume darts when it is safe to do so.  If you are interesting in playing when we start again, please call Anne Elkins at 727-210-7364 or Kay Sanborn at 727-729-4070











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